Foods and Drink at the Paulaner Festzelt

Bavarian delicacies and classic Oktoberfest cuisine

Fresh Every Day

All of our dishes are freshly prepared every day.
We try to avoid convenience food altogther.


Trusted regional suppliers and regional, seasonal ingredients ensures top quality products.

Something for Everyone

We also serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. Every guest can enjoy something with us.

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Traditional Food and Drink

What would a visit to the Oktoberfest be without the classic Bavarian specialties, such as spit roasted chicken, roast pork, duck or „Kaiserschmarrn“ (sliced sugared pancake) … There’s something for everyone to enjoy. The kitchen and Head Chef Tobias Bosch offer local and tradional food in the Paulaner Festzelt that suits all tastes. And for those who’d prefer meat-free dishes, Paulaner Festzelt offers vegetarian and vegan dishes.

With a kitchen and service staff of almost 340 people, the Paulaner Festzelt team offers excellent cuisine, as well as, the beloved Paulaner Oktoberfest beer. Both provided in a cosy atmosphere by the best service, so that our locals and guests from all over the world feel welcomed and enjoy their time at Oktoberfest.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Beer

One time a year, everything revolves around beer, and the traditional brewery tents of Munich. To be more precise, it is probably most fun where the Original Paulaner Oktoberfest beer is being served.  One sip and you’ll feel the pure Wiesn sensation.

Festive, full bodied and also slips down easily with 13.7% original wort and 6.0% alcohol. Its light hoppy and malty taste, as well as, its amber-coloured hue are signs of the original. Paulaner Oktoberfest beer is brewed extra for the most popular folk festival in the world, and is only available from July until October.

In order for the Paulaner Oktoberfest beer to always have fresh suds, Winzerer Fähndl came up with an ingenious  solution. It was the first Oktoberfest tent to lay an underground circular pipeline, so that the taps always received fresh beer from multiple centralized tanks. Consequently, the closed tank system transports and ensures that the beer always arrives to the guest at its best.

A technical innovation for the enjoyment of beer leads to over 1 million litres distributed at the Oktoberfest every year.

Oktoberfest beer website of Paulaner Brewery

Attractive Afternoon-Delicacies

Come to our Afternoon-Wiesn!

Get to know our traditional Bavarian Afternoon-Wiesn (Mo. – Fr. 11:00a.m. – 4:00 p.m., bank holiday exempt).
We offer a variety of daily afternoon-delicacies at an attractive price and dishes for your tiny ones.

Enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and quaint atmosphere in the afternoon with cheery music from our traditional Bavarian Band. First a genial get-together, then enjoy the sites and atmosphere of Oktoberfest outside.